• Manage their Personal Profile including uploading Photo
  • Manage security settings eg. password and 2-factor authentication
  • Ability to Take a Tour- you can take a Tour at any time by selecting Take A Tour under your Profile
  • View Overview Dashboard
  • All Manager functionalities
    1. View Pathway Dashboard
    2. Create Pathways (either from a Phundex template or create a new Pathway)
    3. Create Stages
    4. Create Tasks
    5. Create Task Forms
    6. Assign Tasks to Team Members
      • Choose whether the Team member has Contributor or Approver status
    7. Data Room
      • View Transactions
      • Upload Document
      • View doc permissions, status, audit history
  • Add Team Members to a Transaction including Team member permissions:
    1. Participant (Edit access - always Client Admin/Manager)
    2. Published View (only able to see documents when they are signed off as published
  • All Team Member functionalities
    • view Overview Dashboard including all tasks
    • Perform tasks assigned to Team Member
    • make comments in the Task status section
    • Mark Tasks as Complete
    • Change Task Status back to incomplete if required