• An Administration is the only person able to Register their Company to Phundex Platform
  • They can subscribe to the Phundex Plan they wish to select, and manage and changes to the company plan
  • Manage their personal profile
  • Manage their personal security settings eg. change their password and select or de-select 2-factor authentication
  • Take a Tour (this can be taken at any time by selecting "take a tour" under the Profile options
  • View Overview Dashboard (this is the main dashboard you will see when logging on to the Phundex Platform
  • Appoint another administrator to the Phundex Platform (we recommend that all companies have a minimum of 2 administrators to ensure backup)
    • View overall Dashboard
    • View Pathway Dashboard
    • View Network Dashboard
    • View Platform Settings (this is where the Plans are managed)
  • Create a Network by Invite Team Members (External and Internal) to their Network  Network members are members you have entitled to your team, whether internal or external and who use one of your subscription licenses as long as they are an active member of your Network.  
  • When new members are invited to the Network, the Administrator selects whether the new member is joining as an Administrator, a Manager or a Team Member
  • The Administrator can change Network user roles to and from Administrator, Manager and Team Member
  • Activate/Deactivate Network Team Members (enabling management of subscription usage
  • An administration also has all Manager and Team member permissions and functionalities
  • All  Manager functionalities
    1. View Pathway Dashboard
    2. Create new Pathways (Phundex Template or Create new Pathway)
    3. Create Stages
    4. Create/Assign Tasks
    5. Create Task Forms
    6. Data Room
      • View Transactions
      • Upload Documents
      • View doc permissions, status, audit history