You might also want to see our downloaded Phundex User Guide for Administrators here:

Phundex User Guide - Admininstrators 

  • An Administration is the only person able to register their Company on the Phundex Platform. 
  • They can subscribe to the Phundex Plan they wish to select, and manage any changes to the company plan.
  • Manage their personal profile.
  • Manage their personal security settings. For example, this could include: changing their password; and selecting or de-selecting two-factor authentication. 
  • Take a Tour (this can be taken at any time by selecting "take a tour" under the Profile options).
  • View Overview Dashboard (this is the main dashboard you will see when logging on to the Phundex Platform)
  • Appoint another administrator to the Phundex Platform (we recommend that all companies have a minimum of 2 administrators to ensure backup):
    • View overall Dashboard;
    • View Pathway Dashboard;
    • View Network Dashboard; and
    • View Platform Settings (this is where the Plans are managed).
  • Create a Network by inviting Team Members (external and internal) to their Network. Network members are: members you have added to your team (whether internal or external); and who use one of your subscription licenses, as long as they are an active member of your Network.  
  • When new members are invited to the Network, the Administrator selects whether the new member is joining as an Administrator, a Manager or a Team Member.
  • The Administrator can change Network user roles to and from Administrator, Manager and Team Member.
  • Activate/Deactivate Network Team Members (enabling management of subscription usage). 
  • An administration also has all Manager and Team member permissions and functionalities
  • All  Manager functionalities:
    1. View Pathway Dashboard.
    2. Create new Pathways (Phundex Template or Create new Pathway).
    3. Create Stages.
    4. Create/Assign Tasks.
    5. Create Task Forms.
    6. Data Room:
      • View Transactions.
      • Upload Documents.
      • View doc permissions, status, audit history.