When deciding whether someone should be added to a Pathway, you need to decide how you want them to participate in the process or transaction.  If you want them to actively participate in the transaction, you should add them as a Team Member.  If you simply want them to provide certain information or documents, you can add them as a Guest to a specific Task.

As a Team Member, there are a number of things you can do on the Platform.

  • Register to the Phundex Platform 
  • See their overall transaction dashboard including all tasks
  • receive emails to let them know Tasks have been assigned to them, for which Pathway and which Manager
  • Complete tasks assigned to them
  • Make comments on any tasks assigned to them in the task overview section
  • Change task status to not complete if necessary

Team Members who are guests will not be active on the Phundex Platform, but can be assigned Tasks.  When a Guest Team Member is assigned a Task, they will:

  • receive an email to let them know they have been assigned a Task
  • click on the button to go to the Phundex Platform, which confirms their email address
  • be asked to check their email account for a verification code, which reaffirms their email
  • click on the verification code in the second email, and a pop-up button will appear which asks them to either:
    • fill in a form with information, or
    • attach a document
  • once the information is filled in or the document is attached, hitting save will upload the information onto the Phundex Platform and the Guest can clost the message.

 You might also want to see our Phundex User Guide for Guests: 

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