As an Administrator or Manager you can make Tasks dependent on others.  You may want a document to be reviewed by somone else before its moved into final form.  Or, you may need to gather information before you can complete the next Task.

To create dependant Tasks, follow these steps:

  1.  Create the various Tasks that you want to be completed
  2. Select the Task you want to be completed first.  Click on the Order line and a pop-up will allow you to select the Task order.  You will automatically be given the option of number 1 for the first Task
  3. For each subsequent Task, assign a new number.  You will be offered the next Task number automatically.
  4. if you decide you want to change the order you want the Tasks to be completed in, you can select the Order and change the number in the pop-upo box.  A message will come up if you try to select a number that has already been seleted.  If you want to change the order, select yes, that Task will be given the amended number, and all other subsequent Tasks will automatically be renumbered.

Ordering the Tasks in a specific order creates the dependencies.  Team Members won't be able to complete Tasks for later Task numbers until all of the prior Tasks are completed.

You can assign all of the dependent Tasks at the same time, with or without due dates.  When the first Task on the dependancy list is assigned, an email will be sent out to that Team Member, asking them to complete the Task.  Once they have marked that Task as complete, Phundex will automatically send out an email to the next Team Member asking them to complete their Task.  This will continue until all dependent (ordered) Tasks are complete.

Task Dependencies