As a Manager or Administrator, if you decide you no longer need a Stage within a Pathway, or even a whole Pathway, you can easily mark it as inactive.  If you later decide you want to use it again, it's easy to mark it as active again

Select the Pathway where you want to deactivate a Stage.  Click on "Stages" on the left hand menu of the Pathway.  You will then see the full list of Stages available in that Pathway,

Click on the elipses on the far right hand side beside the Stage you no longer require.  Click on "Change Status" and a pop-up box will appear, allowing you to select "Inactive!.  The Stage will become inactive and will no longer be visible in the Pathway if you sort by Active Stages.  You can always find an inactive Stage by choosing to see in active Stages, which allows you to reactive a Stage in the future.